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Supply Chain Solutions - National Freight Logistics

National Freight Logistics provides innovative and cost effective supply chain solutions globally.  Specializing in trade between Australia, North America and China, with our own warehouses and staff in these countries, we have full control of any goods storage and movement.  National Freight Logistics also caters for the Australian domestic market.

We Do It All

At National Freight Logistics we do everything from:

Sourcing Goods

Shipment Consolidation

Import - Export

Warehousing and Storage

Order Fulfilment  pick/pack/lable orders


Receiving – Invoice orders

Agent – Wholesale Distributor

Services to and from..


Domestically or internationally, we can manage all your supply chain needs.



Want to tap into the Australian market?  We are here to help every step of the way.



Export out of China has never been easier with the help of National Freight Logistcs.

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