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National Freight Logistics provides Australian manufacturers / suppliers with various solutions to suit your supply chain requirements within Australia.  Whether you are a small business or a large corporation our services are flexible and tailored to suit your needs.  We are able to store, warehouse and distribute your goods from any capital city in Australia.  Our warehouses are equipped to pack and dispatch your goods quickly and efficiently, whether it is one order per month or multiple orders per hour.

National Freight Logistics also caters for Australian companies that export or want to export their products to either Nth America or China.  We offer a complete door to door service, and with our own warehouse & distribution centers based in these countries, you can rest assured that your products are in safe hands.  We can also assist with all documentation relating to export.

National Freight Logistics can help with all your import needs either from China or Nth America.  We can source products required, consolidate shipping, freight management, warehousing and delivery to you or direct to your customer.

Contact us to find out how we can save your company money by out sourcing your supply chain.


National Freight Logistics provides innovative and cost effective solutions for North American companies wanting to establish a presence in Australia.  We have the ability to act as your agent /distributor either for your wholesale or retail customers.   Together with our door to door logistics service and fulfillment solutions, we can offer a complete package.

From our own Los Angeles office/warehouse we can establish a close working relationship with you to tailor a service according to you needs.  We can also assist with tradeshows/promotions by colleting, shipping and setting up your display in Australia, so all you have to do is attend.

National Freight Logistics has a proven track record of helping and supporting Made- in- USA manufacturers enter the Australian market.


National Freight Logistics has established a solid import/export facility in China, with our own experienced staff capable of handling all aspects of trade to and from Australia and North America.

Our services cover everything from sourcing products, warehousing/storage, freight consolidation to shipping.  From our conveniently located office/warehouse in Shenzhen, we service mainland China and Hong Kong.

National Freight Logistics offers Chinese manufactures a solid trading partner ensuring a fast and reliable service for all their export needs to Australia and North America.

The rest of the world

Although National Freight Logistics does not have its own warehouse facility outside Australia, China or North America, we do have access to agents that we have work with successfully in the past.  We would only be too happy to see if we can help.

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We are here to help. We offer professional no obligation advice, and are always happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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Supply Chain Solutions

National Freight Logistics provides innovative and cost effective supply chain solutions globally.  Specializing in trade between Australia, North America and China, with our own warehouses and staff in these countries, we have full control of any goods storage and movement.

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